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25 January 1985
California, United States
Interests: (29)
ben wyatt, books, broadway, chris evans, doctor who, elijah wood, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hugh jackman, jeremy renner, joseph gordon-levitt, lee pace, les miserables, leslie knope, libraries, lord of the rings, miranda, misfits, parks and recreation, regina spektor, sherlock, spaced, stardust, the avengers, the cast of lotr, the hobbit, the office, the princess bride, wilfred
My name is Julz and I live in Southern California. I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings far too much. I have met the Harry Potter trio and may actually die if I ever met Elijah Wood. He is the most adorable hobbit ever. I graduated from UC Riverside with a major in Film and Visual Culture and a minor in Music. I have a masters in Library and Information Science. I work at a library as a library assistant. I make friends pretty easily and love to meet new people. I'm cute, cheesy, and make people smile :)

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